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What is a Trojan horse?

A Trojan horse is a Malware that infiltrates your system by impersonating to be a harmless or useful software or service. It might be a picture you received in the eMail, an internet site you visited many times or even a phone call.

Once inside your system, the Malware might further infect other computers in the organization (becoming a Worm), destroy data, spy on you and steal your documents, or give the attacker control over your workstation.

What is a Spyware?

A Spyware is any Malware that is intended to steal resources such as documents or data - not just destroy your computer. It can send your confidential information to the competitor, steal the password to the bank account, etc.

A spyware can also completely take over your computer, thus allowing it's sender to act in your name, without your knowledge. Among other things, He can use your identity to infect other victims, such as your superiors, customers, partners etc.

What is a Rootkit?

Following infection, the malware will try to hide itself. One method is to replace part of your operating system (i.e. windows) with fake parts. This way, when you or your protective softwares look for the malware it will not be found. Those fake parts are called Rootkit.

Why do you need Trojan detection

I thought all this Trojan thing was just a Hype?

Actually, Spyware and Trojan attacks are on the increase. Others around you have been attacked recently, and found out their protections where not sufficient.

But I have an Antivirus and a Firewall

An Anti-Virus is not enough. Firewall cannot protect you against Trojan attacks, as they are usually brought in by a naive employee. Moreover, sometimes the break in is done by social engineering, in which case your protections are irrelevant. Also, the Firewall is impaired when trying to tell apart a legitimate user activity from a spyware leaking out your confidential information.

My Firm has internal network, and I only surf to known and SSL protected sites.

If you can send and receive email from people outside your organization - you are vulnerable.  If you have access to the internet - you are vulnerable. Even on SSL sites you are vulnerable.

  • Email - Any attachment you receive might be a Trojan, even an Office document or a simple picture. And you don't need to actively execute anything, sometimes viewing it in Outlooks preview pane is enough.

  • Internet - you can get infected by viewing a site [1, 2, 3] , even without downloading anything. This is true even for known and trusted sites, as this sites can be hijacked [1, 2, 3] . Your connection to the internet can be used to leak out data, after you have been infected.

  • SSL - the encryption itself is powerful indeed, unfortunately the hackers don't need to break it. they record your key strokes as you type in your password, and then they can impersonate you on this secure site.

What would anyone spy on me for ?

Price proposal, new products, employees salaries, bank passwords and of course - infecting your customer through you.

Why use detectIT

I can buy a shrink-wrapped security product

As well you should - we will probably recommend some of them ourselves. However, those products rely on signatures of known Malwares, so if you are the target of a personalized attack they won't detect it. Worse yet, some intruders use rootkits to divert just such products. We reveal Uncommon or tailor-made infections.

I can have my IT people scan my computers

Your IT people, talented as they may be, do not specialize in local network security. There are many inexplicable details in a running operating system that might be a malware - it takes expertise and experience to recognize the real ones. We specialize in recognizing trojan and spyware signatures.

My IT person also a security expert.

As in any other field, it is hard to see your own mistakes. That is because the human mind is biased towards its own decisions. Not to mention having to admit your own errors. You should also consider the fact that your IT person is overloaded as it is with innumerable other tasks, and can't dedicate himself to a massive scan of all workstations. We are unbiased and dedicated.



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General information
What is a Trojan horse, and what does it do to you

Why do You need trojan detection
It's not a hype, Antivirus and Firewall wont help, and You are not safe even on your own network surfing only to known sites. And yes, you do have something worth stealing.

Why use detectIT?
...and not off-the-shelf product, or freewares.

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