Our Services

We supply a range of services, covering all aspects of network security. From Local to External networks and from general consulting to full scanning.

Our security experts will keep you informed throughout the analysis phase on progress, as well as any severe infections that show up in the scan. We put an emphasis on smooth communication during the process.

Our services can be divided into three groups: Consulting, Trojan Detection, and Network Sensors IDS. Best results are achieved by a combination of the above.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services on the precautions and measures needed to secure your network. You will get a document, listing the steps that should be taken.

A security specialist will guide your IT company staff on the right guidelines for office network security. From our knowledge practicing safe environment can decrease dramatically the vulnerability of the network.

This kind of recommendations will include tighten security practice such as:

  • Firewall configuration
  • IDS recommendations
  • Software usage in a secure environment
  • Safer email practice
  • Personal security guidelines

And much more...

Workstations scanning

A full scan of all workstations. We will start by running our diagnostic software on your workstations. This can be done either by your system admin, or by our employee, for an extra fee. This will produce extensive logs, covering many aspects of the workstation.

Those logs will then be collected for thorough analysis. You may prioritize some of the workstations, in which case those logs will be analyzed and delivered first. You may order a preliminary scanning to help you better prioritize, or base you prioritization on organizational knowledge, such as access to sensitive information or exposure to hazardous environments.

Finally, we will deliver a set of reports, one for each station scanned. You will get:

  • A full analysis of each station, including infections both recognized and obscure.
  • A list of vulnerabilities and weaknesses that should be taken care of.
  • Recommendations for handling each of the above.

Workstation Preliminary scanning

A fast and basic scan of your workstation, this is just like the full scan service, but we invest much less time scanning each log. That means we will not discover some infestation particularly not the ones directed specifically at you, however you will get an early response. That will enable you to start handling acute infestation, as well as better prioritize workstations for the full scan.

Cleaning and fixing

If you don't have system people or if they are just too busy, our security professional could be hired to do the job for you. You will get:

  • All problems fixed on the work stations.
  • Installation of the workstation security softwares you purchased
  • Correct configuration of servers, if a server scan was ordered.
  • Documentation of all changes made + training your system personnel on keeping the system clean

Port Scanning

A port scan is a controlled attack on your External network from the outside. This can show weaknesses in the way Your servers and Firewall were configured. Some Malwares will be revealed this way as well, as they open their own communication from within your network.

We use advance scanning tools to check for multiple vulnerabilities, and cover as many known weaknesses and exploits as possible. You will get a concise report, detailing the preventive action you need to take to safeguard your network.

You will get a document, listing the weaknesses in your external network, and the steps that should be taken to counter them.

Network sensor installation

A Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is a Sniffer based security device, connected in a specific point in your network such as the exit to the internet or the entry point to your file server. The sensor examines every piece of communication at the deepest level, according to a set of rules. Any deviations from those rules will result in an alert.

You will get an interface alerting at all times on attacks against your network.



Our Services
An overview

Consulting services
Advice about network structure, protective measures, security policies etc.

Trojan detection
A full scan of each and every one of your workstations. A preliminary scan is also available.

Cleaning and Fixing
Got a list of problems? We can fix it for you.

Network sensor IDS
Port scanning to test your external network, and a network sensor that can alert against some attacks that other defensive measures overlook.

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