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We provide a solution to the Trojan Horses detection problem currently the #1 threat to organizational data security.

"87% of American organizations were victims of computer crimes last year from virus to information theft by a trojan horse. One of every 5 organizations was damaged no less than 20 times last year by various computer crimes. The total damage to these organizations was 66 billion dollars, in a single year. On top of that, 80% of the organizations reported finding at least one type of spyware in their computers." (FBI research, from

About Us

detectIT is based in Herzeliya Israel. We give security consulting with high emphasis on Trojan and Intrusion detection and prevention. We will actively scan your Local network for existing Malware AND for weaknesses and loopholes such attacks may take advantage of.

We also provide consulting concerning the protection of your external network from outside attack, as the two types of attacks are many times combined. Finally, we provide architectural advice for your network.

Why we are Special

We focus on scanning the work stations on the Local network, since they, and not the servers, are the main target of Malware attacks. Note that a successful Trojan attack on a single work station might give the intruder full access to your File and Database servers - as well as immunity from your Firewall protection - regardless of network structure etc.

Trojan Detection

Like with anything else, early detection dramatically increases the chances of recovery, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Local Network vs. External Networks

Some firms have Services exposed to the internet, such as a company site, B2B software etc. Those external services are naturally prone to attacks, and therefore get better security treatment. However, all firms have a Local network, comprised of workstation, file server, database servers etc. It is that local network which is the target of Trojan horses and Spywares.

Secure your network

Trojan detection software specialists. Well trained crew of security professionals will search for Trojans, Viruses, Malware and weaknesses on your Local Network systems. You will get a concise report of things that need to be fixed.


Trojan Attacks - worldwide

27.02.2006 - Anti Virus software fail to protect against trojans. 80% of American firms infected by Spywares.

14.03.2006 - Symantec reports: Increase in Trojan attacks, less viruses in 2nd half of 2006.

26.03.2006 - European bank users attacked by trojan horse

25.04.2006 - Israeli bank users attacked by sophisticated trojans as well

new Products and services

01.05.2006 - Sensor Installation service added to our portfolio.

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